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LEECH - Cyanide Christ

Artist: LEECH

29.99 zł

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release date 06.12.2017

We're proud to invite you to know LEECH - best keept secret of THRASH METAL archives.

Genuine powerful THRASH METAL from Sweden. Continuation of characteristically unique ROSICRUCIAN way.  Their album "No Cause For Cellebration" was  brightest point of  swedish legacy among other brilliant  forgotten THRASH bands as MIDAS TOUCH, MEZZROW, PHYSICAL ATTRACTION, ANCIENT SLUMBER,..

LEECH summoned from narcosis spirit of ROSICRUCIAN with contemporary production, other lineup and decade of perspective.

That's one of the discs you want to play repeat and repeat and always finding something new  and surprising.

Excellent sound, great vocals, melodious but venomous guitar work and solid heartbeating section.

Highly recomended for fans of DESPAIR, DEATHROW  and early TESTAMENT !



1.     Barely Alive     03:55     
2.     Piss 'n' Spite     02:49     
3.     Hollow Eyes     04:24     
4.     Condemned     04:24     
5.     The Real Me     04:40     
6.     The Avenger     03:18     
7.     Chaotic     05:01     
8.     Bleached Gods     04:00     
9.     Distorted     03:37     
10.     No Exit     03:28     
11.     Unsurpassed     03:55